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What we do and what we stand for: A small Winery's Bill of Rights.

What do we do.

  1. We provide a clear voice for small Washington State wineries.
  2. We build public pride in small Washington Wineries.
  3. We promote the reputation, economic growth, and success of small Washington wineries.
  4. We seek to cut red tape for Family Wineries both within Washington and in interstate commerce.
  5. We listen to our members, keep them informed, actively seek their input, and respect their views in a democratic process where each winery has one vote.
  6. We advocate on behalf of family wineries before the Legislature, the Liquor Control Board, and the public.

What we stand for.

All small Washington wineries should have the right to:

  1. Compete fairly in an open market to create, sell, and present the stateís great artisan wines.
  2. Use their skill and passion to create a product which is a source of pride for Washington State, not a product presumed to be abused by consumers.
  3. Sell their wine without unnecessary paperwork and other administrative burdens.
  4. Sell their wine in a market where public safety requirements are respected and enforced uniformly and fairly.
  5. Thrive through investment from all legal sources regardless of industry affiliation.
  6. Partner freely with growers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, hotels and other manufacturers.
  7. Conduct all normal economic activities typical of other businesses unless there is a specific public safety reason for increased regulation.
  8. Be recognized as providing a healthful product that enhances quality of life when consumed in moderation.
  9. Be persistent and petulant in stopping the illegal consumption or the abusive over-consumption of alcohol.
  10. Promote their wines in a responsible fashion.
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