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The Guiding Principles

The following Guiding Principles will provide a founding set of ideals for the Board to use in evaluating proposals put forward by members, and for conducting the corporationís business in general. Guiding Principals may be modified, deleted or supplemented with additional principles by action of the members. Any revisions to the Guiding Principles shall be made by majority vote of all members of the Corporation.

First, we will be an all volunteer organization with no paid staff. We will rely on members and friends to do the work of FWWS.

Second, dues for the organization will be completely voluntary. We ask that you contribute whatever you can afford from $10 to $500. The money will be used solely for office supplies and to buy insurance for Board members.

Third, we wonít try to represent everyone or be all things for all wineries. In most instances, we intend to support the positions of the Washington Wine Institute. We will take other positions only when the Wine Institute is unable to express the needs of small family wineries. On most other issues we will work with the Wine Institute, much like Family Winemakers of California works with the California Wine Institute on topics of mutual agreement.

Fourth, we believe in the health benefits of moderate consumption of Washington wine. We plan to advocate vigorously in Olympia to be able to legally discuss and promote the many benefits of moderate consumption of our products.

Fifth, we will advocate for the free market as the only truly level playing field for the sale of Washington wine. Only wineries that are willing to compete fairly based on the merits of their products should join our group.

Sixth, we will be a transparent organization controlled by its members. We will have as many meetings as the members want and we will always tell you what we are doing on your behalf.



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